Breaking My Own Heart

Felipe & Bonnie Jean


It’s 2007. I decide to embrace the bad reputation my hometown won’t let me shake and focus on raising my kid. Nobody saw me for the motherless daughter who was starved for affection in high school and my ex husband couldn’t see past the beer in his hand.

Everyone I’ve ever loved has either dicked me over or died, or so it seems. Felipe lands in my bitter, vanilla world.  He’s rolling his r’s with his eyes on me. His bravado is right on cue. I know he has to leave when his work assignment is over and I like the safety of knowing how it ends. No more surprises. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I fall for him. Hard. It feels like I’ve been training for this heartbreak my entire life. I want more…


BREAKING MY OWN HEART is my 74,000-word commercial, romantic (sometimes steamy) memoir. I recorded the details as they happened then wrote the manuscript once the dust settled. The result is a quick, satisfying read packed with action and dialogue. 


Advance Praise:

cathryn headshot

“Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is a spirited writer whose story will feel familiar to
anyone who never wanted to ‘fit in’ to tired expectations they didn’t
create.  A fresh, truth-telling voice.”
—Cathryn Michon, author of The Grrl Genius Guide to Life, and Writer/Director of Muffin Top: A Love Story.

nancy_about-e1320060899625-290x290“Bonnie Jean Feldkamp transforms her personal heart-wrenching challenge into an inspirational memoir that will leave you rooting for her and questioning yourself and a system built on good intentions. Caught in the middle of a family tug of war, Feldkamp highlights the blessings and the barricades, making readers realize that while finding great love is tricky, holding onto it is even more difficult.”
—Nancy Berk, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, author of College Bound and Gagged, and online entertainment columnist Parade Magazine.

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