Quarantine Do’s and Don’ts for Teenagers

Quarantine Do's and Don'ts for teenagers
Quarantine Do’s and Don’ts for teenagers

Communities across the country are dealing with the Novel Coronavirus, with different protocols in place depending on severity of the outbreak in a particular location. It’s hard to get come consistency regarding the Quarantine Do’s and Don’ts for teenagers. Some schools have closed early for spring break, while others have switched to online learning to encourage social distancing. It may seem there are no uniform set of rules because we are all operating in different stages of the game. However there are a few guidelines from the Centers for Disease Controls that we should all follow, especially within the framework of social distancing.

This article was written for Your Teen for Parents after seeing so many online disagreements regarding was appropriate for teens during quarantine. Read the full article at the link below. Find more of my parenting advice on my clips page.

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