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2020 Awards

Press Club of Cleveland

Single Editorial
First Place
Sexual harassment of girls starts during middle school
Bonnie Jean Feldkamp
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Third Place
Tattooing over scars helps with trauma, healing; Kentucky’s ban a loss of that control
The Cincinnati Enquirer

BEST IN OHIO: Editorial
Third Place
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Online Feature Story
First Place

Ohio River Stories Series
Eye on Ohio The collaboration among news organizations results in a valuable, in-depth portrait of the Ohio River. Threats to the river, and its potential, are brought to life in the diverse series of stories.

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp Wrote the following two stories for this series:
We mapped out the toxic wastewater discharges along the Ohio River. Here’s what we learned.
The Ohio River community of Newport bands together to slow runoff and add greenspace

National Federation of Press Women

The “At Large” competition contest included entrants from Colorado, Kentucky, South Dakota, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, North Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan and Georgia. My first place wins then competed at the national level.

First place, Editorial/Opinion
This entry won the At-Large contest and went on to win at the national level in this category: Sexual harassment of girls starts during middle school

Judges Comments
“”Comes to the topic from an excellent perspective and doesn’t just form an opinion but also adds sensible advice. Best in a very tough category.”

“This is a compelling piece. I appreciate that you share a personal anecdote, provide input from an expert in Dr. Brown, and then lay out a plan for moving forward. Excellent job!”

Second Place, Editorial/Opinion
Give Covington Catholic students room to process without harassment

Judges Comments
“I appreciate that you provide a fresh angle on a topic that was widely covered in the media around the time of the incident. I think you give an important reminder that the subjects of the video were minors at the time. Great job!”

First Place, Specialty Articles, Green/Environmental
This entry won the At-Large contest and went on to earn an honorable mention at the national level in this category: Ohio River community bands together to slow runoff and add greenspace

Judges Comments
“Well written article with good flow from one idea to another. The author does a good job of explaining the issues faced and the solutions proposed.”

“A well-written story about an important topic. I learned something new.”

Society of Professional Journalists Greater Cincinnati Pro Chapter

Freelance Lunch for Freelance writers SPJ

First Place, Best Editorial
The Cincinnati Enquirer –

Judge’s Comment: 
Thoughtful presentation of opinion.

First Place, Best Environmental/Science Reporting Ohio River Stories Series –

 Judge’s Comment: Excellent series on history, environmental issues.  Well-researched and well-written.

Finalist, Best Environmental/Science Reporting
Campbell County Family Lives In Solar-Powered House They Built Themselves
River City News

Judge’s Comment:  Great enterprise piece on people working to make the environment better.

Finalist, Best Health/Medical Reporting
How Kids’ Personalities Affect Behavior
Northeast Ohio Parent

2019 Awards

SPJ_logo2019 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists “Best in Journalism” Awards

2nd place – BEST OF SHOW – Best Freelance Writer

1st place – Best Editorial

Judges Comments: “Unique and thoughtful insights on a variety of topics impacting families and children.”


2019 Greater Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists Awards

Best Editorial – Finalist


press club of cle2019 Press Club of Cleveland Excellence in Journalism Awards

Op-Ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer earned Third Place in the single Op-Ed Category.

Earned Third Place in the  Best of Ohio: Best Editorial category for her work in the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today.

Judges Comments: “Bonnie Jean Feldkamp brings her personal and compelling knowledge into her well written editorials! Congratulations for her Informative and excellent presentations!”


2019 National Federation of Press Women

Op-Ed for USA TODAY won first place in the National Federation of Press Women Awards in the editorial/opinion online category.

2018 Awards

2018 Greater Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists

Finalist in the Editorial category of the 2018 Excellence In Journalism Contest   for my Cincinnati Family Magazine blog. 



PMA 2018 Design Editorial Gold png2018 Parent Media Association

Received Gold in March, 2018 for  feature article “Press Repeat: Why Doing Things Over and Over Again is Smart for Toddlers” which published in Cincinnati Family Magazine‘s September, 2017 issue. 

Judges Note: “This piece will entertain parents while teaching them. With concrete examples and good quote selection, the writer makes fascinating research on how toddlers learn easy to understand and apply.”

2017 Awards

SPJ_logo2017 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists:

Cincinnati Family Magazine blog Parenting His, Hers and Ours earned Best Overall Blog in the 2017 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Awards.

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