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Bonnie Jean Feldkamp Freelance Writer

As a writer, wife, and mother, the importance of strong community resources speaks to me both personally and professionally. I am one of newest editorial board members for the Cincinnati Enquirer. I am thrilled! My contributions to the Cincinnati Enquirer to date have been through writing op-eds. Opinion pieces. Op-eds provide the opportunity to tie personal experience to current events and reach readers beyond data points to help them relate, empathize, and care about what’s going on in the world. As a community member of the Editorial Board, I’ll continue lending my voice to important topics affecting the community. Here’s what the Enquirer says:

These community leaders represent diverse ideologies, political perspectives and geographies and will provide insights that will help shape the opinions we advance online and in the printed newspaper.

These community board members will serve one-year terms, and they will meet with us once a month to debate local and state issues and meet with newsmakers. They will occasionally write columns or provide dissenting opinions to The Enquirer’s editorials.

These new members are straightforward, passionate and engaged in the issues impacting Greater Cincinnati. They know how to make their points clearly, thoughtfully and, most importantly, with civility. 

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The announcement quoted me saying that I love writing, “”because you don’t have to know all the answers, you just have to know how to ask questions, listen, and communicate what you’ve learned in a way that’s understandable and hopefully enjoyable.” I look forward to sharing more of what I’ve learned in articles for the Enquirer. Read the full announcement in the link below. Also, read more about me here. The Cincinnati Enquirer is a vital community resource. I am honored to contribute.