Workshop: The Art of an Op-Ed

Every writer, no matter their experience, should have a voice in our local, national and international conversations in the news. Every community member should have a voice in the op-ed pages, regardless of platform, profession, or publishing experience.

What are the types of opinion pieces? How do I handle arguments from both sides, while expressing myself with facts and well-defined viewpoints? How can I use strategies to write op-eds, as well as conveying information across social media platforms?

In this workshop, learn about opinion pieces in general, and how to tie personal experience to current events to write powerful op-eds and reach readers beyond the data points. Writers will learn to help readers relate, empathize and care. Participants will be exposed to writing samples of op-ed pieces before and after publication, and explore the message of their writing work while crafting an op-ed piece of their own. Laptops encouraged. Light snacks and water will be provided.