A Better Evil Chemical?

The WCPO I-Team in Cincinnati has been investigating the risk of a “better evil” chemical or GenX contamination in our region by reviewing medical research and water-quality reports that show how much of the compound finds its way into our drinking water. While GenX concentrations here are lower than other cities, it’s difficult to say whether those concentrations are safe because research is evolving on these unregulated chemicals.

I was happy to be interviewed for this story to talk about my family’s history with lead poisoning, my water quality research for the Good River: Stories of the Ohio series and why that prompted us to buy a Big Berkey Water Filter for our house.

Along with this three-minute news segment, journalist Dan Monks wrote a more comprehensive article to go with it as well. You can read that here:

For more reading about chemicals in our water here in the tri-state check our my article We mapped out the toxic wastewater discharges along the Ohio River. Here’s what we learned. For more of my work on water quality and the environment check out my clips page.

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