Foster Kindness, Identify Solutions and Spread Joy in 2022

“One of the perks of being a columnist and working as an opinion editor is the email I get. I receive direct responses to what I’ve written as well as letters to the editor about issues of the day and op-eds from the community at large. I say this is a perk because I do not exist in an echo chamber or some sort of political vacuum. Because of this, I read kindness from all sides and perspectives. I also see meanness from all sides. It’s difficult to maintain an us-versus-them attitude when I have the opportunity to witness a melting pot of humanity right here in my inbox.”

I hope you’ll read the full column in the link below.

if you missed my column about why we shouldn’t give Santa so much credit for gifts I hope you’ll read below.

Exercise Your Freedom of Speech. Write an Op-Ed

Craft the Perfect Freelance Pitch

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